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ANNUAL FLY-IN - April 17-21, 2016



Women’s Mining Coalition (WMC) members traveled to Washington D.C. for its 24th annual Fly-In for meetings on Capital Hill during the week of April 17, 2016. The women work in the hardrock, coal and industrial minerals industries and for companies that provide goods and services to mining companies. During the Fly-In WMC members work hard to educate the members of Congress about the importance of a robust domestic mining industry.

Mining Associations List

Issues Papers
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Quick Look:
38 participants
3 ½ days of meetings
67 Senate meetings (72% of total Senate offices targeted)
146 House meetings (76% of total House offices targeted)
213 face-to-face meetings
87 emails to non-visited offices, including digital issue papers
30 meetings with actual Senators and Congressmen
23 meetings with Legislative Directors
5 meetings with Chiefs of Staff or Deputy Chiefs of Staff
12 meetings with Senior Policy Advisors
8 meetings with Legislative Counsels
3 meetings with regulatory agencies (USFWS, USFS, DOI)

Grand Total: 300 Congressional and Senate Contacts

Women’s Mining Coalition Meets with 213 Congressional Offices
Mining Advocacy Group Successfully Completes
24th Annual Washington D.C

The 2016 WMC Fly-In participants advocated for the passage of Senator Murkowski’s (R-AK) Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015 (S.2012). On April 19, 2016, S. 2012 was passed by the Senate, 85-12, with a group of WMC Fly-In participants witnessing the vote as guests of Senator Murkowski.

Fly-In participants expressed support for Good Sam legislation and endorsed an “All the Above” energy policy. Participants expressed their appreciation for the passage of H.R. 1644, the “Supporting Transparent Regulatory and Environmental Actions in Mining Act” (STREAM Act), introduced by Congressman Mooney (R-WV) and urged the passage of S. 1458, the “Supporting Transparent Regulatory and Environmental Actions in Mining Act of 2015” (STREAM Act), introduced by Senator Coats (R-IN). WMC advocated for maintaining multiple use of Federal lands, asking Congress to keep the BLM from completing an administrative withdrawal of 10 million acres of western land, and expressed support for the passage of H.R. 4739, the “Protection and Recovery of Greater Sage-Grouse Act”, introduced by Congressman Bishop (R-UT).

Fly-In participants expressed opposition to EPA and administration overreach; CERCLA 108b financial assurance rulemaking; funding of OSM’s regulatory program and the Stream Protection Rule rulemaking process; advancement of the Clean Power Plan; and DOI’s federal coal leasing moratorium.

WMC would like to thank the sponsors, the participants, and the companies that sent their employees to the 2016 Fly-In. Without continued support from such WMC friends and partners, the annual Fly-In would not be possible.


Sponsors and Donors


American Coal Council
American Exploration & Mining Association
Arch Coal
Balfour Holdings
Clean Coal Solutions, LLC
Coeur Mining, Inc.
Corvus Gold Nevada
Debra and Eric Struhsacker
Express Marine
Golder Associates
Express Marine
Hecla Mining Company
Kappes Cassiday & Associates

Kinross Gold Corp.
Klondex Mines
Law Office of Adele L Abrams PC
Mining & Metallurgical Society of America
National Mining Association
Pershing Gold Corporation
Ron and Connie Parratt
Sumitomo Pogo Mine
Teck American Inc.
United Bulk Terminals
Utah Mining Association
Venable LLP
Western Lithium Corp.


Trip Pictures


Senator Lisa Murkowski(AK) and Sara Thorne in the elevator on the way to vote on SB2012, Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015.
(It passed!)


Joan Westwater, Catherine Clark, Senator Cory Gardner, Kori Kostenski-Bayard, Betty Gibbs

Deanna Hall, Ruth Carraher, Catherine Clark, Senator Dean Heller (NV), Sara Thorne, Elizabeth Zbinden,



On Left: Sen. Rand Paul (KY) with Kelly Shaw-Norton.

Above: Jaime Wentzel, Ann Carpenter, Sen. Paul, Kelly Shaw-Norton.

Barbara Coppola, Monique Hayes, Rep. Raul Labrador (ID), Kristin Dahlin, Susan Nichols

Cat Women

Caterpillar Women

WMC with Senator Stabenow

Ivana Barrick, Sarah Fakhari, Sen. Debbie Stabenow (MI), Cathy Suda, Betty Gibbs