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ANNUAL FLY-IN - May 18-23, 2014

2014 FlyIn

Summary -- Quick Look -- Issues Papers -- Summer Meetings
Women's Mining Coalition Takes Capitol Hill!

Women’s Mining Coalition celebrates a successful 2014 22nd annual Fly-In to Washington D.C.

By the numbers, we had 50 women from 16 states participate in 235 meetings on the Hill (an increase of 6% over 2013 and 31% over 2012), all in 3 ½ days. We met directly with 64% of the House offices we contacted (an increase of 3% over 2013) and 74% of the Senate offices we contacted (an increase of 11% over 2013). In addition to the face to face meetings with Congressmen, Senators, and staff, we dropped off information to 75 offices, occasionally with the chance to speak to staff members that handle resource issues. Thus, the total number of offices that were visited was 310!

WMC Advisory Council member Tom Altmeyer and his coworker, Rachel Rogier, of Arch Coal assisted in scheduling meetings with staff at various regulatory agencies. This effort resulted in productive meetings with the following offices and staff:

  • U.S. Forest Service: Tim DeCoster, Chief of Staff for Chief Tom Tidwell; Emily Blount, Director of Engineering; Deidre McGee, Liaison Specialist/Program Analyst, Minerals & Geology
  • Office of Surface Mining: Glenda Owens, Deputy Director, and Michele Altemus, Chief of Staff
  • BLM: Karen Mouritsen, deputy to Mike Nedd, Assistant Director for Minerals and Realty Management; Mitch Leverette, Division Chief of Solid Minerals; Rick Deery, Acting Deputy Chief of Solid Minerals; Tim Barnes, Oregon office of the BLM
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service: Dan Ashe, Director, and Gary Frazer, Assistant Director for Ecological Services
  • EPA: Ellen Gilinsky, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Water; Scott Wilson, wastewater permitting for coal, gas, electric generation; Steve Liverborne, general counsel; Dave Evans; Greg Peckham, attorney; Marcus Oberstein, 402 permits; Andrew Sawyers, office of wastewater

Our issues were not only well-received by, but in many cases, familiar to the staffers and members with whom we spoke. Many have asked for digital copies of our 13 issue papers, which they plan to use as reference materials. Quite a few staffers remembered us from last year; they welcomed the opportunity to hear from us again and be updated on the progress of various continuing issues, as well as become informed on new ones. Our issues covered both coal and hardrock, as shown below:

  • Critical and Strategic Minerals
  • Sage Grouse
  • Dirt Tax
  • Stream Buffer Zone Rule
  • EPA Overreach
  • Section 404 Permits
  • Financial Assurance
  • Waters of the US Definition
  • Redefining Fill Material
  • Permitting Delays

WMC would like to once again thank its loyal Fly-In sponsors and contributors, who never fail to guide and fund us when we put out the call:
National Mining Association Hecla Mining Corp.

  • American Exploration & Mining Association
  • MARE Industrial
  • American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
  • ADA Environmental Solutions
  • Chevron
  • Peabody
  • Caterpillar
  • Mine Development Associates
  • American Coal Council
  • Sumitomo
  • JoyGlobal
  • Pershing Gold
  • Rare Element Resources
  • Murray Energy
  • United Bulk Terminals
  • Express Marine
  • Kirby Ocean Transport Company
  • Clean Coal Solutions LLC
  • The Indiana Rail Road Company

Thanks also to the companies who encouraged their employees to participate in the Fly-In:

  • ADA Environmental Solutions
  • Alaska Miners Association
  • American Coal Council
  • United Bulk Terminals
  • American Exploration & Mining Association
  • Wyatt Tarrant & Combs
  • Arch Coal Caterpillar
  • Cliffs Logan County Coal LLC
  • Cliffs Natural Resources
  • Cloud Peak Energy
  • Duke Energy
  • Granite Construction
  • Hecla Mining Company
  • Joy Global
  • Kinross Gold Corporation
  • MARE Industrial
  • Millennium Bulk Terminals
  • Mining & Metallurgical Society of America
  • Norwest Corporation
  • Premier Gold Mines
  • Raven Power
  • Remote Energy Solutions
  • Selex Resources Inc.
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining Pogo
  • Tetratech

Summer Meetings

WMC Members Visiting Senators and Representatives during August 2014 Break

Visiting Jim Risch ID

Sara Pickens, Cheri Bayer, Jill Howard, Sen. Jim Risch (Idaho), Mary Jane Tihonovich, Carolyn Turner, and Hannah Mihara


Amodei meets with Women’s Mining Coalition
August 16, 2014 ELKO — During his visit to Elko on Thursday, U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei set aside time to talk with the Women’s Mining Coalition about legislation and public lands issues. “A big reason you wake up in the morning in this district is for public lands issues,” Amodei said. “... That is the beast.”
Representatives from the coalition spoke with Amodei regarding current Environmental Protection Agency actions, a proposed dirt tax and a potential sage-grouse listing. Ann Carpenter, WMC adviser, also asked Amodei about the current movement on the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Policy Act of 2013. The bill would require the Secretary of the Interior to conduct an assessment of the nation’s capability to meet demands for minerals.
“There are scheduled right now —this is subject to change — between Aug. 1 and Dec. 31, 27 days that we’re supposed to be on the floor,” Amodei said. “... At the pace this outfit works, that’s not very much time.” Read More