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ANNUAL FLY-IN - May 5-10, 2013

2013 WMC FlyIn Group

The Women’s Mining Coalition 21st Annual Fly-In was completed the week of May 5-10, 2013. Forty-eight women from nineteen states participated, from Alaska to Virginia, and many states in between. Industry representation included coal and hard-rock mining and exploration companies; utility, energy, and service companies; and manufacturers. Our participants also represented a diversity of job functions: engineers, geologists, hydrologists, plant managers, land managers, executives, analysts, consultants, and community relations and human resources specialists.

WMC issues this year included:

Redefining "Fill Material"
CEQ Guidance requiring Federal Agencies to Mitigate Global Greenhouse Gases under NEPA
Office of Surface Mining Stream Buffer Zone Rule
Proposed Dust Rule
WMC Urges EPA to consider costs and consequences of regulations
WMC Asks Congress to resolve regulatory uncertainty harming coal ash recycling
WMC encourages members of Congress to recognize the strength of America's Mineral Endowment
National Strategic and Critical Minerals Protection Act (H.R. 761)
EPA's Small remote incinerator regulations
Greater Sage Grouse Conservation Measures
CERCLA 108(b) financial assurance rulemaking;

Members of the group also talked with representatives of the Office of Surface Mining, EPA Water division, and the US Forest Service.

Issues and topics were well-received and generated much valuable discussion between WMC members and members of Congress and staff.

2013 marks the 21st year that members of WMC have traveled to Washington D.C. to advocate for a healthy domestic mining industry.

When the Women's Mining Coalition (WMC) brought together women from the U.S. mining industry to Washington, DC, to work with legislators on Capitol Hill, Caterpillar employees were included in the conversation. The goal was to help members of Congress better understand what mining means in terms of jobs and to hear how safe and environmentally responsible the mining industry is today.

Caterpillar Article about the 2013 WMC Fly-In

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Trip Pictures

, Sen. Harry Reid, Sally McLeod, Nicole Preuss

C Cummins
Beth Hollowed, Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis, Linda Tokarczyk

Nicole Preuss, Hannah White, Celena Mock, Congressman Horsford, Nevada

Liz Schwartz, Marleen Metcalf, Cassady
S Udall

Cassiday Harridan, Julie Lucas, Sen. Mark Udall, Colorado, Kate Koch

Sen Risch
Kristin Dahlin, Michelle Horning, Lori Toews, Sen. Jim Risch, Idaho, Kim Campbell, Ambyr Douglas, Barbara Coppola

Liz Schwartz, Betty Gibbs, Marilyn Treacy, Brittany Purdum

MaggieEtAlMaggie Lansing, Celena Mock, Cassady Harraden

Hull et al
Jeane Hull, Linda Tokarczyk, Kristin Dahlin
WMC in Capitol
Mary Frontczak, Kristin Dahlin, Betty Gibbs

2013 WMC FlyIn


Monday Morning Orientation
Cassady Harraden, Marleen Metcalf, Liz Schwartz, Ann Carpenter
Hecla Women
Hecla Women