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Washington Needs to Hear From You!

Contact your elected Representatives in Washington and let them know that you support the U.S. Mining Industry.

Make your voice and support of the mining industry heard. Help us deliver the message that a strong mining industry is vitally important to America, that jobs all across the country depend on mining, and that today's regulations and modern technology ensure state-of-the-art environmental protection at U.S. mines. You can provide policy makers with first-hand information about the technological advancements and environmental stewardship of today's mining industry.



Action Organizations

Several organizations actively support mining in Washington. Visit the Web sites below to see the latest about issues affecting the industry.

National Mining Association - See the latest Mining Week newsletter containing important information about current issues.

Minerals Make Life is a new initiative by the National Mining Association to "demonstrate minerals’ importance to the nation" for public outreach and education about minerals.

Northwest Mining Association is very active in the policy arena and has an issues page related to hardrock mining issues.

The More You Dig is a new iniative by the Northwest Mining Association that targets 20-35-year-olds with information about how important minerals are in everyday life.

Western Business Roundtable has comprehensive information on hardrock and coal mining, as well as water and energy-related topics.