Several organizations have produced visual graphics that highlight how minerals are used in modern society.

Air Travel Minerals
How many mined minerals are needed in air travel infrastructure?

Cell Phone Minierals
Look at the minerals in a cell phone. 12 have no replacements.

China Dependence on Minerals
Rebuilding Infrastructure will require minerals from foreign sources.

Minerals For Infrastructure
What is required to repair and revitalize America's infrastructure?

Montana fishing
Fishing is made possible by mining


Montana Rifle
Montana Lifestyle is made possible by mining

Minerals For National Defense
National Defense is stronger with minerals


Tesla Minerals
The Tesla Model S contains many mined metals

Minerals In CFL Bulb

Minerals in CD, DVD

Minerals in Cell Phone

Minerals in Hybrid

Minerals in Solar Panels

Minerals in Wind Turbines

Minerals in LED Bulbs




Sources: American Exploration and Mining Association, National Mining Association, Minerals Make Life, Minerals Education Coalition.

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