WMC Officers - Advisory Committee

Debbie G. Laney, P.E.

Debbie Laney, P.E. is the Research & Development Manager for Nalco’s Global Mining & Metals Research Group.  Her team focuses on development of flotation chemicals for the mining industry. 

Prior to working for Nalco, Laney was employed by various mining and research companies as Chief Metallurgist, Technical Superintendent, and Metallurgical and Projects Manager.  Much of Laney’s career was spent in Nevada where she was also active in the Nevada Mining Association’s minerals education committee.  She is a past president of the Women’s Mining Coalition and traveled to Washington D.C. with the group to discuss current mining issues with members of the House and Senate.  She also testified in a congressional hearing on mining issues in Nevada during her term as president of the WMC.  Laney currently enjoys serving on the Advisory Board for the WMC, not only for the positive work the group does in telling the members of the House and Senate about the many benefits of mining to the United States, but also for the positive sharing of knowledge and friendship of women from across the U.S. in many various capacities and roles.  Working with all these women illustrates our common goals as well as individual challenges in a dynamic industry that is vital to the United States.  

Laney earned both her Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Metallurgical Engineering from Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology in Butte, Montana.  She is a licensed Professional Engineer – Mining in both Nevada and Arizona.  She is a member of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration (SME).  She volunteers with a local group in Tucson, AZ to help students in poorer school districts obtain necessary school supplies, shoes, and food.