Join A Committee!

Being a member of WMC has its advantages: connect and network with other professionals in your field, help facilitate the creation of a community of members who can work together to educate members of Congress about our professions in the mining industry, help promote & protect our jobs in the mining industry, and get involved with WMC to make it a better and stronger organization. 

We are looking for members who are willing to volunteer their time to serve on a WMC subcommittee.  The time commitment is minimal, and the rewards are immeasurable.   Please consider serving on one of the following committees:

General Membership Subcommittee – Responsible for promoting growth and awareness of WMC and recruiting new members to the organization through recommendations on:

1.      Mining conferences –

2.  Website/social media –

3.  Other –

WMC Direction and Goals Ad Hoc Committee – This is a temporary committee (2011) created for a one-time purpose to focus on examining WMC’s role going forward, WMC’s relationship with NMA and it’s Fly-In activities, and elevating the status of membership in WMC.  This committee will make recommendations on:

1.      WMC’s relationship with NMA concerning their expectations for WMC while in DC;

2.      Expanding WMC’s role at the local level;

3.      On-line educational tools and their use in preparing members for the Fly-In;

4.      How to make WMC a coveted grassroots organization.

This is an opportunity for you to get involved beyond attending the Fly-In.  WMC welcomes your input!

Please contact WMC if you would be willing to serve on any of these committees.