Ruth Carraher

Ruth CarraherRuth A Carraher is one of the founders of the Women’s Mining Coalition and presently serves on the board of directors of this organization.

After working for major and junior mining/exploration companies for more than 30 years, Ruth is currently an independent consulting geologist exploring for metals.  Her work on projects in locations as diverse as the central USA and western China has shown her the importance of valuing all participants in the process of exploring for ore deposits, or for working with organizations benefiting the mining industry. She, with two other geologists, acquired a lithium clay resource in west-central Nevada which they have been able to vend to an Australian company which is taking the property to pre-development stage.

In addition to being active in the WMC, Ruth is also active in professional organizations promoting the advancement of scientific knowledge of mineral deposits.  She is presently serving on the Society of Economic Geologists Foundation Board which focuses on raising and distributing funds to geology students around the world.  She continues to be active with the Geological Society of Nevada, serving as a past officer and continuing to lead field trips sponsored by this organization. 

Ruth strongly supports the goal of having those working in our industry telling the story of what our industry provides and how it is a modern industry not to be equated with legacy mining issues.