WMC Officers - Advisory Committee

Ann Carpenter, Founder-President-CEO-Director Osgood Mountains Gold

Ann is an accomplished professional with over thirty-five years of national and international experience working at senior leadership levels in the natural resources sector. She has diversified worldwide experience in corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, property and corporate valuation, strategic planning and implementation, and project financing.  Ann’s integrated project management experience—development-engineering-permitting-construction—has led to on time-budget project development. As well, the successful implementation of business strategies at Granite Construction resulted in immediate mine construction work at multiple mine sites, and approximately $10M of work won in less than 12 months at mine sites in Nevada.  Ann has helped to develop sustainable development initiatives and projects here in the US and overseas, working with major and junior mineral development companies, communities, NGOs, government entities and other stakeholders.

Ann is an experienced Corporate Director with over 16 years of experience serving on public, private, non-profit, trade association, and advisory boards, bringing both an applied technical understanding of global mineral development challenges. She maintains leadership roles in various professional associations, as well as non-profit organizations and foundations. She has been active in the development of policies and regulations in the U.S. Congress regarding domestic mineral resource development; permitting and land-use policies; and sustainable development.

Ann has a B.S. in Geology from Montana State University-Bozeman, with additional advanced studies completed at Mackay School of Mines. She is a member of the Advisory Board, Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering; Mackay School Of Earth Sciences and Engineering, University Of Nevada, Reno.